Different Types of Vasectomy Procedures

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What is a vasectomy and how is it done?

Different Types of Vasectomy Procedures

Many people are familiar with the term "vasectomy," however most do not realize that there is more than one to complete this procedure. There are actually two (2) different vasectomy procedures which will achieve the same results:

  1. Traditional surgical vasectomy
  2. Scalpel-free vasectomy
With the traditional surgical vasectomy, two small incisions are made in the scrotal sac, using a scalpel. The tubes are pulled through the incisions and either clipped, using metal clamps, or cut using a knife or coagulator (heated tool that cauterizes tissue), then put back inside the sac. The incision is closed with a couple of sutures. Lasers have also been used, however there has not been any significant difference noted between the use of the lasers to cut the tubes and other conventional methods.

For a scalpel-free vasectomy, there is still an opening made in the scrotal sac, however it is accomplished using a specialized device that makes a small puncture in the skin, rather than slicing the skin with a scalpel. The vas deferens are located through the wall of the scrotal sac, to determine where to make the opening in the sac wall. The benefits of this method include: 1) generally less manipulation of the tissues, which can result in less swelling and discomfort, 2) the skin puncture does not usually require sutures to close, since it is so small, and 3) there is less anxiety since the sac is not being "cut."

No matter which type of vasectomy you opt to use, both are safe and effective methods for accomplishing the goal of permanent contraception.



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