Infertility and Grief

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Why do I feel like I am grieving over my infertility?

Infertility and Grief

Female infertility is more than just about being unable to conceive; it is about loss. And with every loss, there comes grief.

The losses, for women affected by female infertility, include:

1. Feeling like you are less than a "whole" woman because you cannot conceive.

2. Experiencing the loss of conception, pregnancy and motherhood - experiences met with great anticipation in women seeking to have children.

3. Loss or change in partner intimacy due to the stress and anxiety associated

with conception difficulties.

4. Loss of social identity, since society generally equates being a women with

being a mother.

Recognizing that infertility encompasses many loss and, with it, feelings of grief, is the first step to taking effective action to cope and heal your grief.



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