Ovulation and Infertility

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What does ovulation have to do with infertility?

Ovulation and Infertility

Ovulation (egg production) is one of the key factors associated with fertility and infertility, since failure to produce viable eggs impairs a woman's ability to conceive.

This includes not only total lack of egg production, but also irregular ovulation, which is seen with irregular menstruation, and abnormal bleeding or "spotting."

If you are having irregular periods, spotting or other menstrual challenges, it may be more difficult to conceive. And since there are many causes for variations in your periods, it is best to see your Physician, and be evaluated for correctable causes of menstrual irregularity.

Your physician can rule out endometriosis infertility, thyroid infertility and many of the other causes of ovulation problems. Getting your periods back on schedule will greatly improve your changes for getting pregnant!



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