Thyroid Infertility

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How does my thyroid dysfunction relate to infertility?

Thyroid Infertility

For women with a thyroid disorder, such as underactive (hypothyroid) or overactive (hyperthyroid) thyroid, getting pregnant can be a challenge. When the thyroid is a contributor to fertility problems, the condition is called "thyroid infertility."

Your thyroid gland releases hormones that help to regulate body functions including temperature and metabolism. When these hormones are out of balance, they impact other hormones in your body, including ones responsible for reproduction. Fortunately, thyroid infertility is one form of infertility that can be managed with proper treatment of the thyroid.

The keys to overcoming thyroid infertility include:
1) taking your medication as the doctor prescribes - don't skip doses or double up, to catch up if you missed a dose
2) getting your thyroid blood tests done on schedule - these help your doctor monitor your thyroid function and make adjustments in your treatment
3) keeping your appointments with your physician, so that they can help you manage your disease, to better your chances of conceiving

Taking control of your thyroid disease means reducing your risk for thyroid infertility.



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