Testicular Causes of Male Infertility

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What kinds of testicular problems can contribute to infertility?

Testicular Causes of Male Infertility

Male infertility is a complex and challenging problem to overcome, since there are many contributing causes. Problems with the testicles can contribute to male infertility, with the main testicular causes of male infertility including:

  1. Genetic disorders
  2. Internal disorders
  3. External conditions
Some genetic disorders which can contribute to male infertility include:

  • Kleinfelter's Syndrome - an extra "X" chromosome results in small testes with low sperm volume.
  • XX Disorders - causes structural problems within the penis and variable sperm production.
  • Noonan's Syndrome - low sperm production and abnormal testes, with testicle damage later in life
  • Enzymatic production defects, including defective testosterone production and androgen resistance
Internal problems which can impair conception include:

  • Lack of testes or anorchia (pronounced "an-or-key-uh")
  • Absence of sperm germinal cells - cells which mature into functional sperm
  • Blocked ducts leading from the testes to the penis
  • Systemic diseases such as kidney failure, liver failure and sickle cell disease
  • Scrotal cysts or fluid pouches, called varicoceles (pronounced "var-ick-oh-seals")
  • Overheating of testicles due to backflow of blood into the scrotum
External contributors to male infertility related to the testicles, include:

  • Radiation for cancer treatment
  • Testicular trauma, such as that caused by straddle injuries
  • Acquired infections such as mumps and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Injuries associated with surgery in the groin, bowel, or pelvis
As with the other causes and contributors to male infertility, there are many conditions which negatively affect the ability to produce children. Talk to your Infertility Specialist about testicular causes which may be impacting your ability to conceive.



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