Treatment for Male Infertility

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How is male infertility treated?

Treatment for Male Infertility

As with the causes of male infertility, there are also many different treatments to manage this emotionally and physically challenging condition. Some treatment options include:

  • Surgical intervention
  • Hormone treatment
  • Assistive Reproductive Techniques
Surgical interventions would be indicated in the event that there are mechanical or structural problems that are contributing to male infertility. These may include: blocked ducts, vasectomy, undescended testes or erectile dysfunction. Surgery can be used to open or repair blockages, reverse the vasectomy, correct testicular descension and assist with managing erectile dysfunction.

Hormonal interventions could be utilized for imbalances in testosterone, or the hormones involved in sperm production, or can be used to treat underlying medical problems contributing to infertility, such as low thyroid, or pituitary disease.

Assistive reproductive technology, such as artificial insemination, can be used when male infertility cannot be remedied by other methods. This can include cases where penile trauma prevents intercourse, or with structural problems that cannot be repaired in such a way as to promote conception.

There are numerous options for treating male infertility. Talk to your Infertility Specialist to see which treatment option is the best for you.



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