In Utero Fertilization

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What is In Utero Fertilization and how is it done?

In Utero Fertilization

There are many ways to assist with conception, from fertility drugs to surgery. There are also several assistive reproductive technologies that a fertility clinic may use, such as In Vitro Fertilization and In Utero Fertilization.

In Utero Fertilization involves instillation of sperm into the uterus, at the appropriate time during the menstrual cycle. The sperm then swim into the fallopian tubes and fertilize an egg, resulting in conception and pregnancy.

This procedure works well for most women with infertility, except those in which there is poor egg production, blocked or severely damaged fallopian tubes, or in those who have undergone menopause.

The risks are limited to discomfort comparable to that of a pap smear. Since a thin flexible catheter is used to instill the sperm, risk of making a hole in the uterus is exceptionally small. Infection is also a possible complication, but is very rare.

Talk to a Fertility Clinic about In Utero Fertilization, to see if this might be the right treatment to help you conceive.



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