Surgical Treatment - Male

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What can be done to treat infertility caused by structural problems?

Surgical Treatment - Male

Men can also have structural problems within their reproductive organs which can contribute to infertility. One infertility treatment involves the use of surgery, to correct the structural problem. These procedures are performed by qualified infertility doctors and surgeons at a fertility clinic.

Some of the structural problems that can occur in men, include:

  • congenitally blocked vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm to the sperm storage area
  • undescended testes, in which one or both testes remain within the pelvis rather than moving down into the scrotal sac
  • cysts on the testes or within the scrotal sac
  • erectile dysfunction - the inability to attain or maintain an erection - that cannot be corrected with medication or other non-surgical treatment
  • scarring with ejaculatory or other ducts related to infection, such as sexually transmitted disease
  • hypospadias (pronounced "high-po-spade-ee-us), where the opening normally at the tip of the penis is on the underside of the penile head
With the exception of erectile dysfunction, which can often be treated with medications or other non-surgical interventions, all of these conditions require surgical treatment at a fertility clinic, by an infertility doctor or surgeon, in order to correct the condition, and improve your chances for successful conception.

Talk to your infertility doctor about the surgical options for structural causes of infertility.



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