Surgical Treatment - Female

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Are there surgical options available to treat my infertility?

Surgical Treatment - Female

There are many cause of infertility from hormonal variations to underlying medical conditions. Some women are infertile due to structural problems within their reproductive organs. These problems may be congenital - present at birth - or acquired. Some of these anomalies include:

  1. malformed uterus, such as a tri-corn uterus, which has 3 chambers rather than just one
  2. fallopian tubes blocked related to atresia, where the end of the tube is congenitally blocked
  3. scarring of the fallopian tubes related to pelvic infection or sexually transmitted diseases, which obstructs the tube or makes the opening so narrow that it cannot function properly
  4. ovarian cysts, which can impair the function of the ovary, impeding ovulation
  5. severe endometriosis - formation of uterine tissue in areas other than the uterus - can block the fallopian tubes, damage the ovaries, cause adhesions/scars that attach the reproductive organs to the intestines, and disrupt proper functioning of the ovaries causing irregular menstruation associated with irregular ovulation
Surgery is the only infertility treatment option to manage these condition, and is provided by a fertility clinic. A clinic that specializes in infertility treatment, has experienced infertility doctors and surgeons who can remedy these structural problems, and improve your chances for conceiving and carrying a child to term.

Talk to your fertility clinic, or an experienced infertility doctor, about your fertility concerns, and to have a complete evaluation to see if structural problems are at the root of your infertility



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