Fertility Clinic

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What exactly is a fertility clinic?

Fertility Clinic

Just as there are speciality clinics for persons with heart disease, orthopedic injuries and neurological problems, there are also specialty treatment centers designed to treat infertility.

Infertility is a medical condition, which requires specialized evaluation and intervention. Since you would not go to a foot doctor to treat your asthma, it makes sense that you would also seek out a qualified professional in infertility medicine to treat your infertility.

Staff at fertilities clinics include:

  • lab technicians - process blood, urine, semen and other body specimens to help identify barriers to fertility
  • radiologic technicians - perform x-rays, ultrasounds and scans to help identify structural causes of infertility
  • nurses - to assist in the assessment and care of infertile persons
  • infertility doctors - these are physicians who have had additional education and training in the evaluation and treatment of infertility, and may include:
reproductive endocrinologist - specialist in reproductive hormones

gynecologist - specialist in treated conditions related to female reproduction

urologist - specialist in the urinary tract, including the urethra and prostate,

which can have conditions that may prohibit fertility in men

Ask your gynecologist for a reference to a reputable professional fertility clinic in your area. There are resources available on the Internet, and through your State's Medical Association.



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