Factors in Considering Infertility Treatment

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What things should I consider when thinking about infertility treatment?

Factors in Considering Infertility Treatment

Generally, for a woman under the age of 35, infertility doctors recommend attempting natural conception with unprotected sex, for one year, before seeking infertility treatment. For women older than 35, they suggest 6 months as a guideline, since it becomes harder to achieve pregnancy as you age, and it can be more difficult to sustain a pregnancy in the face of infertility.

However, age is only one factor when considering infertility treatment. Other factors can include:

  • Cost - This should be part of the discussion when determining your infertility treatment. Since insurance may not cover fertility treatments, cost is an important factor in deciding on a treatment modality.
  • Type of infertility - If infertility is related to a correctable hormone imbalance, such as what might cause irregular ovulation, treatment options are non-invasive with a lesser chance of adverse side effects. If surgical treatment is required, there are greater risks in treating the infertility. This is especially key if you have underlying medical conditions that may make getting pregnant, or maintaining a pregnancy to full term, more difficult.
  • Laws in your State - These should also be taking into consideration, especially if sperm donation, egg donation or surrogacy are among your infertility treatment options. Since laws vary from State to State, in terms of the legality of fertility-related services and parental rights, it is important to understand the laws in your State and how they may impact your fertility treatment. Your fertility clinic should be able to provide with information about the laws in your State and guide you through the legalities of your chosen infertility treatment, if necessary.
Though not the only areas that deserve your attention, when choosing a fertility treatment, these factors are certainly worth looking at, when deciding on an infertility treatment course of action. Find a fertility clinic with a good professional reputation and speak with an infertility doctor about infertility treatment, to find the best treatment option for you.



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