Tubal Ligation Procedure

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How is a tubal ligation performed?

Tubal Ligation Procedure

Tubal ligation is the process by which the fallopian tubes are cut or clipped to prevent the passage of eggs, and therefore pregnancy.

A tubal ligation is performed by a gynecological surgeon - a doctor who specializes in the treatment of women and their reproductive organs - and is completed under general or local anesthesia and is usually an outpatient procedure.

Most tubal ligations are done using laparoscopic surgery - they make small incisions in your abdomen, then insert a camera and operating tools through the incisions. Since the incisions are small, and the amount of organ manipulation is limited, the recovery time is much faster than a regular abdominal surgery, and there are fewer complications.

It is suggested that you take two to three days off of work and limit sexual activity until you feel better. Tubal does not normally affect libido - sex drive - or impair hormones, and you will still have periods, due to natural hormonal fluctuations.

Talk to your Gynecologist about tubal ligation, to see if this is right permanent birth control method for you. Remember that tubal ligation is considered a permanent birth control procedure. The only way to undo a tubal, is through tubal ligation reversal, which has greater risk for complications and do not guarantee return of fertility.



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