Risks and Complications of Tubal Ligation

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What are the risks of having a tubal and a tubal reversal?

Risks and Complications of Tubal Ligation

As with any surgical procedure, tubal ligation or tubal ligation reversal, there are risks and potential complications.

Since most tubal ligations are now completed using laproscopic surgery - small incisions in the abdomen through which they insert a camera and surgical instruments - the risks and potential complications are similar for a tubal reversal, and can include:

  • risk for infection
  • bleeding
  • ectopic pregnancy (following the ligation)
  • anesthetic reaction
  • incomplete ligation - if using clips, rather than cautery or cutting of the tubes
  • injury to the bowel or other pelvic organs
It is important to talk to your Gynecologist before considering a tubal ligation, to ensure that the benefits of the procedure outweigh any risks associated with the surgery, and that the procedure is the best option for long-term birth control, for you.



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