Donor Sperm and Artificial Insemination

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How is donor sperm used in artificial insemination?

Donor Sperm and Artificial Insemination

Sperm is a necessary component for reproduction. There are times when a man is unable to utilize his own sperm, either due to medical conditions which limit sperm production or quality, or due to hereditary diseases he does not want to perpetuate.

In such cases, donor sperm can be utilized to achieve pregnancy through the use of artificial insemination - a type of assistive reproductive technology which involves the use of donated sperm. Sperm donation is the key to conceiving for couples and single women who would otherwise be unable to have a child.

Like egg donation, each sperm donor is evaluated prior to the acceptance of the donation. The sperm is then tested, prepared and concentrated, prior to being utilized, to ensure that viable sperm are being used to aid in successful conception.

The laws vary from state to state with regards to the legal rights or responsibilities of sperm donors, so it is best to check with a Fertility Specialist in your area before proceeding with artificial insemination through sperm donation.



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