Surrogacy and Artificial Insemination

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When would a surrogate be used with artificial insemination?

Surrogacy and Artificial Insemination

There are times when natural conception is not possible for a woman due to medical conditions. Even if the couple includes a fertile man, who is able to provide adequate quality sperm, the lack of a vessel in which to carry a child, makes conception impossible. This is where a surrogate comes in. A surrogate, or surrogate mother, is a woman who provides her uterus to carry another couple's child to term. She usually receives a fee for this. Though she can become pregnant through natural conception by having intercourse with the man, it is often more suitable to utilize artificial insemination to achieve pregnancy.

As with sperm and egg donors, surrogates are thoroughly screened for health conditions, but they are also screened psychologically, to ensure that they are able to manage the stress associated with a pregnancy, and are able to relinquish the child to its parents, once it is born.

The process for artificial insemination using a surrogate is the same for anyone, and can utilize the woman's eggs, if she is able to produce them:

  1. medications to stimulate egg production, in either the surrogate or infertile woman
  2. egg retrieval
  3. fertilization with sperm in a petri dish or test tube, and then
  4. implantation in the uterus of the surrogate, to achieve pregnancy - inside the surrogate
With proper planning and screening, the use of surrogacy to achieve childbirth can be a positive and successful experience for both the surrogate and the parents of the child, and aids the otherwise infertile woman the opportunity to have a child of her own.



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