In Vitro Fertilization Insurance

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How do I go about getting IVF insurance?

In Vitro Fertilization Insurance

Many health insurance plans cover some fertility treatment, but may not cover IVF. That leaves personal loans. reduced cost plans and other financing options, which can be costly.

There is another option, however, to assist with paying the cost of IVF - Infertility Health Insurance or IVF Insurance. Some specialized insurance providers actually have plans specially designed for fertility treatment and for IVF. IVF Insurance is designed to take into account the specific risks associated with IVF procedures, from repeat cycles to achieve success, to multiple birth than can incur intensive care costs for premature infants.

Some insurance companies that provide fertility insurance coverage, and that may include IVF Insurance, include:

  • Aetna
  • Beechstreet
  • Blue Cross
  • Choice
  • Cigna
  • Coventry
  • Evolutions
  • First Health
  • Guardian
  • Georgia First
  • Mail Handlers
  • One Health
  • Southcare
  • Unicare



2/29/2008 6:27:22 PM
Alex said:

This is outrageously bad advice. Insurers don't
'cover' infertility; it's the choice of the employer what coverage to extend to their employees.


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