In Vitro Fertilization Financing

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How can I finance IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization Financing

Though not all insurance plans will finance IVF, there are some options to help you cover the costs of this infertility treatment:

  1. Health insurance - check with your insurer regarding any coverage for infertility treatment. As this is becoming a greater need in our society, some insurance carriers offer at least limited benefits.
  2. Shared Risk® - your Fertility Clinic may have a program where they will assist you with your IVF financing, utilizing shared risk, like HMO's do
  3. Personal Loans - this is another option if your health insurance plan does not cover infertility treatment, and your Fertility Clinic is not able to offer shared risk IVF
  4. IVF loans - financing through companies that specialize in loans to treat IVF
  5. IVF Refund - a program where you pay for your IVF cost, but receive money back if the IVF is not effective
  6. Low cost IVF - reduced-cost treatment programs
  7. Flat rate programs - you pay a flat rate up front, which may be somewhat higher than one cycle cost, which includes as many embryo transfers as it takes to become pregnant. You get a refund, if pregnancy is not achieved.
There are many different options for financing infertility treatments and, specifically, financing IVF. Talk with your Fertility Clinic and then a Financial Planner to help determine which payment options best meet your special individual needs.



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