Third Party Loans for In Vitro Fertilization

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What are third party loans in terms of financing IVF?

Third Party Loans for In Vitro Fertilization

Financing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can be challenging, at times, due to the risks associated with procedure, including multiple births which may require intensive care due to prematurity, need for more than one cycle to achieve conception. Many health insurance plans may cover infertility treatment, however do not include IVF in their coverage.

Personal loans, Shared Risk® plans and lower rate plans are also IVF financing options, as is the use of third party loans.

Third party loans involve companies that specialize in financing fertility treatments, including IVF. These Financial Centers have responded to the growing infertility treatment market, and cater only to persons in need of fertility treatment services. The loans may be at a lower interest rate than traditional personal loans and do not usually require collateral.

Your fertility clinic or specialist may be able to refer you to a third party for IVF refund financing options, and for financing of other infertility services, if needed.



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