Public Funds and In Vitro Fertilization

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Are public funds used for IVF financing?

Public Funds and In Vitro Fertilization

Most persons seeking fertility treatment, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) are responsible for paying the bills for such services. This payment is managed using personal loans, Shared Risk® plans, low rate plans or other types of personal financing, when health insurance does not cover the costs.

There is concern, in many States, regarding the use of public funds for in vitro fertilization. Kentucky, for example, will utilize public funds for in vitro fertilization as long as no embryos are killed. This ties into their law regarding no public fund use for abortions.

Part of the this concern is related to stem-cell research, for which researchers are seeking public funds, justifying that the product of the research will benefit mankind. Though not directly related, there are social and moral concerns regarding the use of public funds to produce embryos outside the human body.

A social view of the situation includes that, if a person is requiring public funds, the question may be asked whether they are capable of providing for the child, once conceived, and if society should bear the burden not only for the creation of the child, but also for raising it.

Morally, many argue that since creation of a life - the embryo - is immoral in relation to some religious convictions, society, as a whole, should not be party to its creation or perseverance of the immorality.

Generally speaking, public funds are not utilized for fertility treatment, including IVF financing, unless specifically identified in an individual State's laws related to the use of embryonic technology.



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