Medical Counseling in Fertility Treatment

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What is the role of Medical Counseling in fertility treatment?

Medical Counseling in Fertility Treatment

Each Fertility Clinic employs specialists that help you achieve conception and a successful childbirth. One key member of the fertility team is your Fertility Doctor.

Fertility Doctors have the primary role in counseling you regarding infertility. They will guide your medication assessment to attempt to determine the cause of your infertility, then provide you with important information about which type of fertility treatment would best address your infertility needs. Your Fertility Doctor is a medically-trained physician who has sought additional training and education in the treatment of fertility-related medical problems, and is your first best choice in helping you overcome infertility to have a child.

Counseling that Fertility Doctors provide includes:

  • information about infertility and its causes
  • assessment strategies to determine the cause of your infertility
  • potential treatments for your type of infertility
  • risks and complications of treatment
  • self-care information for during the treatment process
  • alternatives to infertility treatment



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