Financial Counseling in Infertility Treatment

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How can a Financial Counselor help with fertility treatment?

Financial Counseling in Infertility Treatment

Fertility Clinics come staffed with many different types of professionals who each have specific functions as a part of the team, including Fertility Specialists, Nurses, Radiology staff, Lab Techs, Psychological Counselors and Financial Counselors, just to name a few.

After determining that you need infertility treatment, you will meet with a Financial Counselor who will help you figure out the best way to pay for the treatments, for which cost can be considerable. For example, the average cost for one cycle of in vitro fertilization is $12,000; six cycles is $72,000.

Your Financial Counselor can help you look at different financing options, including, but not limited to: personal loans, Shared Risk® treatment, lower rate treatments, credit cards or home equity or refinance loans.



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