Risks and Complications of Egg Donation

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What are the risks and potential complications of egg donation?

Risks and Complications of Egg Donation

As with any medical procedure, there are risks and potential complications. Since egg donation involves not only medication, but also a surgical procedure, it is important to understand the potential risks, prior to making the decision about egg donation.

Some of the risks and complications of egg donation, include:

  • adverse effect of the fertility drugs - fertility drugs alter your body's chemistry as they perform their roles of egg production and follicle development. Some side effects can include: mood swings, irritability, sore breasts, bloating, fatigue and edema - all of the symptoms that accompany premenstrual syndrome
  • infection at the needle insertion site - a needle is inserted to withdraw the eggs from your ovary, which can create an opening for bacteria, and subsequent infection, which is very rare
  • puncture of the uterus or other internal organs- while attempting to access the ovary - more common in women who are overweight
  • side effect of local anesthesia - itching, hives, tenderness, swelling
  • pelvic discomfort following the egg harvest



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