Reasons for Getting a Vasectomy

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Why would someone want to get a vasectomy?

Reasons for Getting a Vasectomy

For men, the decision to get a vasectomy is not an easy one, and usually involves their spouse or partner. There are different reasons for a man to opt for vasectomy, including:

  1. permanent birth control for men who do not want children
  2. to provide birth control for the couple, where the risks for the woman would be greater in using traditional birth control methods or surgery
  3. to prevent transmission of hereditary diseases
Some men feel very strongly about not wanting children. Some single men have stated that having the vasectomy has improved their sex lives, because the "fear factor" has been removed, in terms of unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

For men who are part of a couple, many realize that the risks for their partner are much higher than for men, when comparing the risks associated with long term use of birth control pills or having female surgery versus having a vasectomy. They opt to take the lead in permanent birth control.

A few men have concerns about transmission of hereditary disease, which makes them not want to produce children. Some diseases which are readily transmitted include, sickle cell disease and Huntington's Chorea, both of which are serious and life-threatening.

As with any surgical treatment, one must be sure that vasectomy is the right choice, before going through with the procedure. Vasectomies, though some can be reversed, are generally considered to be permanent. Always consult with your physician for details on this procedure.



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