Alternatives to Vasectomy

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Are there any alternatives to vasectomy?

Alternatives to Vasectomy

Vasectomy is one method of birth control for men not wishing to conceive children, however it is considered permanent and a reversal may not be successful. For those seeking alternatives to vasectomy, there are several options for both men and women:

Specifically for men:

  • abstinence
  • condom
  • non-vaginal intercourse sexual activity
Specifically for women:

  • abstinence
  • birth control medication: the Pill, patches or shot
  • tubal ligation
  • hysterectomy
  • diaphragm
  • IUD
  • spermicidal products: jelly, sponge
With each option, the goal and benefit is prevention of pregnancy, however there are alternative risks to consider. For men, condoms protect against sexually-transmitted diseases but have an 18 percent failure rate, and non-vaginal intercourse sexual activities lack the same intimacy and may pose a risk of infection, especially in terms of anal sex.

For the female options, birth control medications can increase risk for blood clots and breast cancer, surgeries are expensive and painful with several risks and potential complications, and barrier methods and spermicidal products (IUD, diaphragm, Sponge) have limited effectiveness in pregnancy prevention.

It requires research and education to decide upon the best contraception for a man and woman engaging in sexual activity. There are alternative to vasectomy, which demonstrate some effectiveness, however there are also risks which need to be considered. Consult your physician before seeking any alternatives to having a vasectomy.



4/8/2009 10:35:06 PM
Tiana said:

So, I was ok with the alternatives until I saw hysterectomy. That's quite dramatic because you're removing the entirety of the female reproductive organs and it cannot be reversed. At least a vasectomy can be reversed. I feel like a hysterectomy is therefore not an alternative and should be removed from this list.


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