Fertility Drugs

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What are "fertility drugs" and what do they do?

Fertility Drugs

Since hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of infertility, in both men and women, hormones and fertility drugs are the first options chosen by fertility doctors, in treating infertility.

Use of fertility drugs is generally low risk and less expensive, when compared to other fertility treatments options, and they are easily administered and monitored.

The drugs primarily used to treat infertility include:

  • clomiphene (pronounced "klo'-muh-feen") - used to stimulate hormones in your brain to prepare eggs for ovulation
  • gonadotropins (pronounced "go-nad'-uh-trow-pins") - stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs, stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone, which prepares your uterus to receive a fertilized egg
  • bromocriptine (pronounced "bro-mow-crypt-een") - used to reduce prolactin levels. High prolactin levels decrease estrogen production, which inhibits ovulation.
There are other medications that are used during fertility treatment - talk to your doctor to determine which ones are right for you. If you have underlying chronic medical conditions, such as pituitary insufficiency or other hormonal imbalances, additional drugs may be necessary to help you achieve conception.



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