Becoming a Sperm Donor

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What is the process for becoming a sperm donor?

Becoming a Sperm Donor

Without sperm donors, may infertile couples and single women could not achieve their dream of parenthood. As with egg donation, the donation of sperm provides a means for conception for couples who would otherwise be unable to have a child.

As with egg donors and surrogates, men wishing to become sperm donors must undergo medical testing to ensure that they are healthy and have an adequate and quality sperm supply. Additionally, the sperm is tested for transmissible diseases prior to being utilized.

For men who opt to donate sperm, there are general criteria that must be met:

  • most sperm donors are between 18 and 35, when the sperm is most plentiful
  • must pass a health screen and blood testing
  • sperm must be in good health and supply, without physical defects or diseases
  • the man must be able to commit to the donation, which involves several trips to the donation center for testing and collection
  • ability to provide health history for both sides of the family

Contact your local Fertility Clinic or Sperm Donation Center for more information about sperm donation, risks and complications and legal ramifications.



5/29/2007 6:05:12 PM
ellen costille said:

I just want to ask if what are the do's nd don't while waiting for 2 weeks result of pregnancy or after the embryos transferred? Thanks a lot.

5/29/2007 6:09:08 PM
ellen costille said:

What are the do's and don't while waiting for 2 weeks of the result or after the transfer of embros ?


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