Types of Infertility Counseling

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What kinds of infertility counseling are available?

Types of Infertility Counseling

The decision to seek infertility treatment is not one to be made impulsively. There are many factors to consider when assessing whether or not fertility treatment is right for you, and which type of fertility treatment is best to meet your individual needs.

Each Fertility Clinic has persons who specialize in counseling on fertility issues and treatment. These specialists are well-trained in fertility treatment and understand the unique position of someone who is looking into fertility care.

There are three (3) different kinds of counseling that you may receive when initiating infertility treatment:

1. Medical counseling

2. Financial counseling

3. Psychological counseling

Medical counseling is usually done by the Fertility Specialist and involves direct treatment aspect of your fertility care.

Financial counseling can help you determine the best way to finance your fertility treatment, especially if you are considering in vitro fertilization - a treatment option that is not usually covered by regular health insurance.

Psychological counseling helps you cope with the emotional roller coaster that can be infertility treatment, in part due to the stress of the situation and to the hormones you may be receiving to assist you with conception.

All three primary types of infertility counseling help to guide you and support you during your infertility treatment, and are provided by a Fertility Clinic to assist in creating the best possible outcome - a new baby.



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