Alternatives to In Vitro Fertilization

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What are the alternatives to using IVF?

Alternatives to In Vitro Fertilization

Since IVF is not the first line treatment for infertility, there are other available options. Some of these options include:

  • hormonal therapy - sometimes it is a hormonal imbalance that is preventing conception, and correction of this imbalance can result in successful pregnancy
  • surgical intervention - if structural problems, such as blocked fallopian tubes or blockage of sperm ducts, are contributing to infertility, repair of these reproductive parts can successfully promote conception
  • treatment of external causes - if acquired infection, radiation treatment for cancer or other externally generated cause of infertility is present, correction of these causes can aid in correcting infertility
  • alleviation of medical conditions - cysts on the ovaries or testes, diabetes, pituitary tumor or other medical conditions can contribute to infertility and, when corrected, the result is a successful pregnancy and delivery
  • counselling or therapy - if emotional factors are contributing to infertility, such as fear of failure, depression or anxiety resulting in erectile dysfunction or painful intercourse, counselling or other psychotherapy can help to relieve these symptoms, and promote sexual function and fertility
  • other assistive reproductive technologies - intrauterine or intrafallopian insemination involve placement of sperm directly into the uterus or fallopian tubes during ovulation.
There are a multitude of causes of infertility and a corresponding number of treatment options, many of which are readily available, inexpensive and effective.



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