Why and how can I increase my fertility with yoga?

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Why and how can I increase my fertility with yoga?

Yoga is a great workout for both the body and mind. However, now it is even making its way into the bedroom. Studies show that there are certain ways that practicing Yoga can lead to an increase in fertility. Really.

Some yoga practitioners will tell you that Yoga can lead to an increase in fertility due to the influx of energy certain poses will direct to the body. They will tell you to practice certain poses, most centered around the hips and pelvis. While there is no hard science that these poses have any effect on energy, it's true that some people who had problems conceiving get pregnant after following these practices. Why is this happening?

Most people practice yoga as a way to decrease the stress in their life. It is their time to breathe and to relax. This, more than anything, is probably the reason yoga has positive results on fertility. By getting ahold of your stress levels you are helping your body, in an overall way, to increase its fertility.

By practicing yoga, and not any specific pose, in a relaxing and stress free way you are allowing your body to normalize and do the work that it needs to be doing. Following a steady yoga routine can lead to a healthier state of mind, a healthier body, and an improved chance at conceiving a child.



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