Being Famous Doesn't Make You Fertile

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Being Famous Doesn't Make You Fertile

Infertility is a very painful and private subject, one that a lot of people who struggle with it don't want to talk about. Occasionally, someone will be willing to discuss their experiences, and that includes celebrities. Some very high profile celebrities have battled infertility for years and gone to a variety of means to make their dreams of becoming parents come true. Here are a few examples of some famous faces and how they were finally able to become parents.

  • Courteney Cox-Arquette - The Friends star opened up about her heartbreak over recurrent miscarriages and inability to stay pregnant until she was able to give birth to her daughter after IVF

  • Brooke Shields - Brooke also suffered recurrent miscarriages and had to undergo infertility treatments to conceive her first-born daughter

  • Angela Bassett - After trying to conceive for seven years, Angela and her husband welcomed twins through a surrogate

  • Jane Seymour - Jane and her husband tried for over twenty years to conceive and she suffered two miscarriages before she became pregnant with twins through IVF

  • Jamie Lee Curtis suffered from infertility and turned to adoption to become a mother

  • Marcia Cross - The Desperate Housewives star was open about her struggles with infertility before conceiving twins through IVF

  • Helena Bonham Carter was able to naturally conceive after trying IVF, clomid, and several alternative methods

  • Camille Grammar - Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and ex-wife of Kelsey Grammar, couldn't carry a baby to term due to her IBS, they used a surrogate to have a son

  • Hugh Jackman's wife suffered several miscarriages and went through several rounds of IVF before they adopted their children

  • Katey Sagal - Actress Katey who plays Gemma on Sons of Anarchy used a surrogate to have her daughter



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