The Top 5 Apps to Inspire, Inform, and Connect During Infertility

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The Top 5 Apps to Inspire, Inform, and Connect During Infertility

Receiving the news that you or your partner is infertile can derail any couple. During this precarious time, you can learn a lot about your other options, such as in vitro fertilization or adoption. You will also need support and information. While nothing can replace family, friends, and doctors, you can also use these five fantastic apps available right on your smartphone to help.

1. Glow on iPhone

Glow is a very accurate fertility calendar and tracker. Couples can join Glow First, a fertility funding community that offers financial assistance to couples struggling to get pregnant. This app has no cons.

2. My Fertility Diary – IVF Rx on Android

The Malpani Infertility Clinic produces this app, which can track both fertile times and manage an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. You can even enjoy a treatment calendar to mark when to start the IVF. There was some crashing in past versions, which is a con.

3. iVitro on iPhone

Caroline Nemati, who used IVF herself, created this app. It works on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, so if you don't use one of those devices, that could be a con. This app allows you to track IVF cycles and create schedules. It costs five dollars.

4. Fertility Friend/Ovulation Calendar on Android or iPhone

Tamtris Web Services Inc. produces this free app that allows the woman to track when her most fertile times of the month are with in-depth charts. This could help conception occur. There are no cons to this app.

5. Boost Fertility on iPhone

Clever Matrix Ltd produces this app. It's highly informational, teaching couples what they can eat and how they can subtly change their lives to increase the chances of pregnancy. Regarding cons, this app is somewhat more limited compared to the others.



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